Alan Young


  • 18/08/2014HEART EXPLORER
  • 03/07/2014New song released :The Mask
  • 22/06/2014New song released :The Mask
  • 06/06/20144th song from upcoming LP Heart...
  • 21/05/2014New song released on
  • 26/01/2014Songwriting
  • 03/12/2013Still in progress: "Heart...
  • 20/10/2013STATE OF MIND :Lyrics
  • 13/09/2013New single: STATE OF MIND
  • 01/09/2013youtube:video demo of ONE(U2)
  • 27/07/2013new demo:video of ONE(U2)
  • 27/07/2013Streaming:"you kill me"
  • 22/05/2013New video available on youtube...
  • 18/05/2013new video demo for the chinese...
  • 04/05/2013You kill me is ON AIR:locations
  • 27/04/2013new video demo:The scientist
  • 20/03/2013flashplayer
  • 24/01/2013Hallelujah video
  • 21/01/2013Hallelujah
  • 07/01/2013facebook profile is open
  • 06/01/2013You kill me:the musicians
  • 03/01/
  • 02/01/2013Happy new Year
  • 26/12/2012Flash player
  • 26/12/2012how to download
  • 23/12/2012You kill me:genesis
  • 14/12/2012You kill me-Lyrics
  • 13/12/2012you kill me is available :
  • 08/12/2012single:you kill me
  • 00/00/0000Heart Explorer
  • 00/00/0000HEART EXPLORER LP
  • 00/00/0000you kill me -Official video


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